Traditional North-American car builder. The company holds a large experience on design and fabrication of aluminum Hopper cars for grain and coal transportation.
Besides wagon, Freight Car America has developed the automatic discharge gate system, MegaFlo. This system is being largely used from transporting coal and iron ore since its mechanism permits a gate opening up to 67% wider than conventional systems providing faster unloading time.

North-American company responsible for developing the BARBER bogies, which most recent version is the S2E, and it represents the innovation in terms of bogies damping system.
The company also developed the Frame Brace, a locking system that provides to the bogie a better balance on curves and significant wheel wear reduction. The Frame Brace has already been tested and approved by CVRD-EFC and today, the device is equipping part of their fleet.


North-American company that fabricates the Mechanical Switchman and switch stands. The switch stands can be found according to the following configurations: electric powered, solar powered and manual and with run-through and ergo metric shape for the operator comfort.
Nowadays, the switch stands are being used at ALL, FCA and CST.


North-American company specialized on developing planning and management software for the railway market. The main products are MultiRail and FastTrack II, planning tools that provide trains dispatch plan for the better flow within the network in order to achieve the best productivity for the railways companies assets.
MultiRail and FastTrack is being used at CVRD and ALL.


Company specialized on supplying equipments for Freight and passenger rail with a large scale global operation.
With the Head Office located in the United States, Wabtec has about 50 manufacturing plants in China, United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and South America focused on supplying Brake subsystems and related products for locomotives, freight cars and passenger transit vehicles; electronic train-control equipment; new switcher and commuter locomotives; coupling, door control and air conditioning systems for transit vehicles.
Wabtec also offers service on Locomotive overhauls and fleet maintenance; supplier-managed inventory; component repair, upgrade and reconditioning.